Join up. Join in. Join forces. Join the club. Join together. They all mean something slightly different. But the end result is often a shared bond. Common goals can be achieved easier and faster when like-minded people and organizations work together, share ideas and generally help each other out.

Graybar booth at the 61st NECA convention in 1962.

The power of many eclipses the potency of a single entity. Several excellent examples include electrical industry powerhouses such as NECA (the National Electric Contractors Association), IEC (the Independent Electrical Contractors Association), and distributor groups such as the National Association of Wholesalers and the National Association of Electrical Distributors. Graybar is a proud member of all.

Collaboration within each association has been instrumental in moving the entire electrical industry forward, and Graybar has shared in that success. This includes being part of the group in 1910 that helped the United States establish a national standard of alternating current of 60 cycles and 120 volts for residential service, as well as the general-purpose sockets and plugs still used today.

Industry concerns about moving forward remain at the forefront of association activities, but teamwork among Graybar, suppliers and contractors on actual jobs is where the rubber meets the road. Case in point: Allen Tel Products, a long-established data communications manufacturer faced a serious business challenge that stemmed from the use of traditional fluorescent lighting throughout the company’s 65,000-square-foot warehouse and lobby. Changing the lights was expensive and disruptive, so it was only done twice a year. That led to poor lighting, inconsistent color rendition and an uninviting work environment.

“We asked Graybar for a lighting analysis,” said Al Eddings, Allen Tel President. “The team came out, counted the fixtures, measured and analyzed work area lumens, identified areas of deficiency and calculated the excess watts used every month.”

Graybar recommended Eaton Lighting LED fixtures, controls and sensors, as well as Precision Electric, which replaced every fixture, including the outdoor lighting.

The results? “We now have ample, adjustable light at each workstation,” said Eddings. “From a productivity standpoint we have accurate light levels for precision manufacturing such as circuit board work. And from a safety and security standpoint, dim hallways, aisles and parking areas are no longer a concern.”

Graybar’s teamwork with Allen Tel provides just one example of how the sum of the partnership is greater than its parts. It’s this kind of forward thinking that drives us every day.