Women in Construction Week

Branch Manager Gin A. began her Graybar journey 11 years ago. She knew about Graybar through her previous employer, and when an opportunity became available she decided to make the switch. She said choosing to pursue a career with Graybar was one of the best decisions she’s made.

Gin is passionate about her work and enjoys the opportunity to make a difference—she’s currently focused on providing services that help contractors reduce labor costs.

When Gin A. isn’t busy leading her team at Graybar, she enjoys spending time with her family.

“We are one Graybar—every employee matters and contributes to our company’s success,” she said. “Working in a branch gives you a chance to learn the business, advance your career and pave your own way.” 

Gin’s dedication helped her move up the ranks. She started as a customer service representative and was then promoted to quotations specialist, quotations manager and her current role as branch manager.

Graybar encourages its employees to serve in their communities, and Gin gives back in many ways. She is a National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) board member, South Dakota Electrical Council board member, National Association of Electrical Distributors member, Home Builders Association member, Sioux Falls Chamber member as well as a volunteer for The Banquet and Children’s Inn.

Gin is the immediate past president and treasurer of her local #237 Great Sioux Falls NAWIC Chapter and is active in a number of the local chapter committees. She participates in Women in Construction (WIC) Week every March to highlight women as a viable element in construction.

“WIC Week raises awareness to the opportunities available for women in construction and emphasizes the growing role of women in the industry,” she said. “Most chapters spend time giving back to their community throughout the week.”

Working in the industry for more than a decade, Gin has watched women’s roles evolve.

“Not only are women more accepted in construction than they were in the past, they continue to work diligently to achieve their goals,” she said. “Earning the acceptance and respect of industry peers isn’t always easy, but it’s achievable and I’ve seen determined women attain this success.”

Gin hopes to inspire other woman at Graybar to get involved at a local NAWIC chapter.

“It’s a great association that provides a support system as well a place for personal and professional development to make a true difference in the industry,” Gin said.