Graybar interns

In July, interns and leadership trainees from all over the country traveled to St. Louis for a few days of seminars, training and professional development activities. For the interns, the summit was all about gaining insight into Graybar’s business and the industry. They attended panels and seminars on topics such as continuous improvement, employee ownership, strategic suppliers, digital marketing, career development, emerging technologies and more. Interns even visited the Corporate office, learned about Graybar’s history and culture and met with Chairman, President and CEO Kathy Mazzarella.

Graybar leadership trainees

While the interns got to know the company better, the leadership trainee summit focused on topics connecting to Graybar’s history and business strategy as it celebrates 150 years. The curriculum included sales strategy, logistics and supply chain capabilities, digital transformation and time management. Leadership trainees were also challenged to present recommendations to a panel of company experts on Graybar’s social media strategy.