…Graybar Manager, Comm/Data Business a self-published author who has written two books since the pandemic began, all thanks to an article titled “How to Write a Book in 30 Days.” 

For as long as Jim can remember, he’s always had a love for reading. However, it was not until his mid-40s that he began to dabble in writing. At first, Jim used journaling as an act of self-expression, writing “advice columns” to himself to keep himself grounded during the pandemic. While he thought writing a book would be a fun exercise, he never considered it too seriously until he came across an article on how to write a book in a month. Suddenly, his desire seemed like an attainable goal.  

When considering book ideas, Jim turned to his journals for inspiration. While it took Jim a little longer than 30 days—90 to be exact—the finished product was Back to the Front Porch, a book that explores methods on calming your senses and reducing stress.   

Through his wife’s recommendation, Jim posted about his book on Facebook and found a community of self-published authors. With their guidance and support, he published his first book, selling over 500 copies on Amazon and receiving over 3,500 free downloads.  

“The goal for me was always to connect with people and give back. It was never to make money,” Jim said. “Writing gives me an outlet and allows me to stay creative.”  

Following the success of Back to the Front Porch, Jim sat down in March of 2021 and wrote his second book, Mental FreedomIn this book, Jim shares his advice for developing one’s mental strength and building healthy relationships. Published in July of 2021, the book was the number one release in Rationalist Philosophy on Amazon.  

After 27 years with the company, Jim continues to find new ways to explore his passions both inside and outside of the workplace. Not only do Jim’s accomplishments fulfill him personally, but they also make him a better employee. By prioritizing his mental health, Jim makes sure he is in a strong, relaxed state and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at him.  

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