…Graybar Sales Engineer – Industrial Automation who works around the clock to take care of his customers.

In fact, earlier this year, Joe helped a customer find a quick solution when the company’s machine shut down on a weekend. Wasting no time, Joe and his team recommended, ordered and delivered a new part by Wednesday morning, which saved the customer from a week or more of production loss.

“When it comes to supporting my customers, I don’t like talking. I like doing,” Joe said. “Each day a customer’s machine is down they are losing money. I’m willing to get down in the trenches to solve their problem.”

Joe credits his sales team, local leadership and the many resources Graybar supplies to make employees successful. As he reflects on his 14 years with the company, he is excited about Graybar’s growth in the industrial automation market. He is also proud to be a part of an employee-owned company.

“If I knew what I know now, I would have joined Graybar even earlier in my career,” Joe said. “The work I do makes a direct impact. I own part of the company, and I am part of the company…and that’s pretty unique.”

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