…who helped his team get through the pandemic with a roll of golden toilet paper.

“We were all under a constant barrage of negative information,” Nate, a Graybar branch manager, said. “But we still saw acts of kindness and selflessness every day.’

So he mounted a roll of toilet paper to a wooden block, spray painted it gold and the Golden TP Award was born.

“This award was all about focusing on the good things that were happening and spreading positive energy to everyone around us,” Nate said.

He wanted to recognize Graybar team members who went above and beyond to help each other, their families, customers and even strangers.

Each winner, nominated by their peers, would get a socially distant surprise visit from Nate, who would present the award and snap a quick selfie to share with the rest of the team.

Passionate about the mission to recognize his team and spread good vibes, Nate said, “I hope this award gets passed around and around until it falls apart.”

Nate is one of the reasons Graybar is consistently named a Top Workplace. Want to be part of a great team like Nate’s? Click here to find openings near you. 

Check out Nate and a few of the Golden TP honorees below!